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Welcome to the World!!

Well we were very surprised last Wednesday night when my water broke just minutes before I was about to settle in for a good night's sleep!  Ryan and I rushed to the hospital and we were admitted right away.  I wasn't having any contractions, so Dr. Moore wanted to start Pitocin to help labor progress.  After I started my IV with Pitocin, I started having contractions into Thursday when labor progressed very slowly.  I did decide to have an epidural and while this is isn't the choice that everyone makes, it was definitely the right choice for me to successfully make it through all those painful contractions!!!

Pumpkin Time!

Baby Patrick is now the size of a pumpkin at 38 weeks!!  I love fall and all the yummy pumpkin treats, so this week's fruit comparison is giving me hope that fall will be here soon and I will be able to cool off a little!  He is now over 6 pounds and could have about an inch of hair.  In our last 3D ultrasound, we were able to see that he has some visible hair so I am excited to see how much hair he has when he's born.

Fun Day for Grandma-To-Be!

Today we had LOTS of fun at a Grandma Shower for my mom!  She is so excited to be welcoming her first grandbaby into the world and one of our long-time family friends decided to honor her with a wonderful celebration.  Many of her friends were able to come and brought amazing gifts to make sure she had plenty of grandma gear for times when Patrick is hanging out at her house.  We had a great time, I think it's such a fun way to celebrate first time grandparents!!

I also had my weekly doctor's appointment yesterday and everything is the same.  Great heartbeat and measurements, but still not really dilating.  Only a couple more weeks to go!

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